Nude Massages in Paris (6, 8 & 12th) and Neuilly

Nude Massages in Paris by the (SZEN) Institute

Thanks to our 400 € Packages = 560 € credited (without time limit and valid for all our services), reduce for example the cost of your Exquise Sensation to 100 € instead of 140 €!

ATTENTION, the Package is valid in the institute where it was bought only.

Don't hesitate to ask your masseuse for more information...


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Massages naturistes à Paris par l'institut (SZEN)
NEW: Lunch massage

About 120 minutes - 250 €

New exclusive "Lunch" massage at (SZEN) St Germain des Prés: your 2 hour break between noon and 2pm.
The massage of your choice (1h20) followed by lunch with your masseuse*.
Massage of your choice with 1 masseuse / lunch entrée flat dessert / total duration of the service 2 hours / notify us in advance in case of culinary incompatibility


Exquisite Sensation

About 60 minutes €140 (1hr30 - €220)
Relaxing aphrodisiac (naturist) massage, made of light touches and caresses. To summon forth feelings only felt from skin on skin touch....

It is possible to practice reciprocal massage during our Exquise Sensation massage training.


Reflection on Pleasure

About 60 minutes €190 (1hr30 - €270) - availability according to institutes
When one of your senses is excited…where will your gaze be? An Aphrodisiac (nude) massage to see for sure...



Massages naturistes à Paris par l'institut (SZEN)
The Thrill of Pleasure

About 60 minutes €160 (1hr30 - €240)
A massage that will thrill you with pleasure and heat you up...


The Four Shades of Szen

About 60 minutes €170 (1h30 - €250)
A surprise massage, stunning... the only hint: its name...



Massages naturistes à Paris par l'institut (SZEN)
The Angel's Caress

About 60 minutes €160 (1h30 - €240)
Let your body thrill with pleasure on the wings of sensuality...


Discovering Your Senses

About 60 minutes €150 (1h30 - €230)
Aphrodisiac (nude) massage for a bewildering and unique experience. The awakening of all your senses. Except sight... Your eyes will be blindfolded. Magic!


Massages naturistes à Paris par l'institut (SZEN)


The Six Sensualities

About 60 minutes €390 (1h30 - €570)
Exclusive: an aphrodisiac (nude) massage performed by three nude masseuses, a surprise plan, extremely sensual... where will you put your eyes? Which hands are touching you? Succumb to temptation...


The Delicious Discovery of the Senses

About 60 minutes €270 (1h30 - €370)

Aphrodisiac (naturist) massage with 4 hands for a confusing and unique experience.
The awakening of all your senses, except that of sight... your eyes behind a blindfold. Incomparable!


The Delicious Voluptuousness

About 60 minutes €250 (1h30 - €350)

Unique and exclusive aphrodisiac (naturist) massage with 4 hands, made of touches and caresses.
To discover absolutely...


The Bath of Voluptuousness

About 90 minutes €270 - availability according to institutes
Relaxing aphrodisiac (naturist) massage that begins after a few minutes of relaxation in a bubbling Jacuzzi. A blend of essential oils, water, touches... A pure sensuality.


Irresistible Sensuality

About 60 minutes €290 (1h30 - €390)
Reserved for couples. Aphrodisiac (nude) massage with four hands to please two in a moment of unique pleasure, made so by brushing caresses.



About 30 minutes - €50
To find a soft and clear skin.