Massage naturiste et accompagnement à Paris, (SZEN)

The (SZEN) Customer Charter

The (SZEN) Institute is an establishment characterized by:

  • An aesthetic massage without therapeutic purposes
  • Caresses
  • Modelling
  • Well-being from “touch”


After having been informed of the preferred service and associated options, each customer agrees to respect the hygiene and security guidelines discussed below:

  • A shower is required before any service. We ask you to use the towels and robes provided for you use and intended to enhance your comfort.
  • Your clothes and personal effects will remain in your room, under your responsibility. No object or accessory is permitted in our establishment, rooms or during the provision of our services.
  • Every service is clearly defined in the (SZEN) agreement and cannot be modified in its nature, form or price scheme. Any physical contact in accordance with the service ordered is provided by qualified and educated persons: no other form of “contact”, massage or caressing can be requested.


Our aphrodisiac, nude services are provided within the framework of sensuality and nudism: we request that you do not request any of these services except when motivated by the spirit, philosophy and ethic of this lifestyle, within the thinking and search for well-being. These services cannot provide the opportunity for any other kind of solicitation, whether inside or outside the institute.

Any proposal with the end of modifying the present agreement is prohibited. Our personnel will absolutely refuse any demand in contrary to the
“Customer Charter". Moreover, we request the maximum of verbal and physical courtesy: failure to respect this provision will entail an immediate end to the session, without right to a refund.

The personnel can end any service requested at any moment when they believe the above stipulations are not respected.
The (SZEN) Institute wishes you and pleasurable time of well-being and sensuality, “on the edge".