Escort Girl for business lunches, professional meetings, dinners shows...

Companion Service in Paris

Companion Service in Paris

“The Agency” Companion Services by (SZEN)


The Agency is a real escort/companion service based in Paris for individuals and businesses.


It offers and provides for your service companions for dinner, RDV professionals, dates, events, guided visits of Paris, etc.


You can also begin your date with a nude massage at your hotel.


Our companions are rigorously selected based on various criteria, physical as well as intellectual, areas of interest, language proficiency, in order to respond better to the demands of our customers, whether individual or business.


The RDV and services provided by the Agency are available only for events and dates conducted in public: lunches or dinners in restaurants, at clubs. This excludes any private environment, whether at home, in a hotel room, on a yacht (outside of public events of business), etc.


Our Escort Services are available through Paris RP, but can also demanded in the Provinces or abroad.


The Agency offers you quality companionship and services while you are traveling for business, welcoming visitors or customers for your business as well as private outings, whether that be to the theater, opera, a dinner show, with the aim to experience a real moment of conviviality and mutuality.


Our Escort offerings exclude absolutely any relations of a sexual nature, even between people past the “age of consent".

Our companions will consequently refuse any solicitation to provide any kind of relationship forbidden by French legislation.