Erotic pictures of Juliana, nude masseuse - (SZEN) in Paris

Juliana, nude masseuse (SZEN)


Juliana will take you to the heart of sensuality and gentleness. With all her femininity, between East and West, a bewitching journey awaits you....  


Juliana, nude masseuse Paris
Juliana, nude masseuse Neuilly


Our Clients' Testimonials


"I spent two hours with you Juliana and I was already imagining myself in the tropics. I doubted you for a few minutes about the end of the previous massage, but seeing that you're embarrassed not to know, I confessed that he missed the final little kiss!!

To sum up 2 hours with a very pretty woman, a (very) good massage and the final kiss.

Thank you Juliana."


"It's always a great moment for me to meet a new masseuse. Juliana you welcomed me in a short black dress and your beauty seduced me right away. I didn't know much about you but the little I knew was enough to convince me (thanks Sophie), your massage is worthy of a confirmed masseuse of Szen, your matte skin which, in the cabin of Szen 6, almost makes me believe in an integral tan is a plus that I loved.


You have been able to enchant me by your beauty, whether at the beginning but also at the end!!
A big thank you Juliana for her 2 hours."


"A beautiful end of July, a beautiful discovery: Juliana.
A blend of candour and mastery for an exhilarating experience. Once back on earth, you just want to taste it again.
See you soon, B."